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This is a blog that myself and Angelo of Zrunelord fame can build and develop ArmiesArmy sci fi range of vehicles using traditional scratchbuilt methods and 3d printing (we both bring those skills:))

We want to provide a place where we can display our WIP's and ask for feedback. Not all things we show here will be created, however we will try are very best to do as much as possible! Sometimes we will be quick and some times slower as we will only want the very best quality for you!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bikes will be out very soon

Just to tell that bikes will be out very soon .
Trikes & quads will follow .......

Here are pics of the single seater short bike,  single seater long bike , dual seater bike & weapon trikes .
Some more updates of works in progress - Quad Bike Mk2 & AA or Hmg in limbered or deployed


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