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This is a blog that myself and Angelo of Zrunelord fame can build and develop ArmiesArmy sci fi range of vehicles using traditional scratchbuilt methods and 3d printing (we both bring those skills:))

We want to provide a place where we can display our WIP's and ask for feedback. Not all things we show here will be created, however we will try are very best to do as much as possible! Sometimes we will be quick and some times slower as we will only want the very best quality for you!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bikes,Trikes & Quad update

Hello again all,
Here are some updates.

Quad finished - Added front piece ( bumper, ram or engine block ) + optional front corrugated shield. The steering is by 2 levers, sort of like what one would find on a tank.

Converted 2 tankers to new sitting position.I  will try to convert some to kneeling positions & do some with bare head or beret as these minis are among the best AA have. Just have a real look at their faces & you'll see what I mean. Kudos to the sculptor.

I made loads of GS/Milliput bags, haversack, rucksack etc to have loads of different options & loads of PVC boxes.



  1. Your sculpting skills are all the more impressive for the fact that these are all in 15mm!

    Top shelf Zrune :)

    1. Thanks mate,
      Honestly it was daunting at first but like anything in life, you'll never know until you've tried it. I was 100% 28mm but once I got into 15 I never looked back. I still do 28mm but 15mm is becoming so great to work with.
      As usual mail me if you need anything.

  2. Really cool!

    We will have bags and bags of stowage options...as Ive a whole range of cold war stowage which fits very nicely

    1. Thanks Keith,
      The more stuff we have the more variation & variation is the spice of life. At least one f them :):):)
      15mm scifi is another :):):)