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This is a blog that myself and Angelo of Zrunelord fame can build and develop ArmiesArmy sci fi range of vehicles using traditional scratchbuilt methods and 3d printing (we both bring those skills:))

We want to provide a place where we can display our WIP's and ask for feedback. Not all things we show here will be created, however we will try are very best to do as much as possible! Sometimes we will be quick and some times slower as we will only want the very best quality for you!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The bikes are out!!!!

That's right

the first set is out!!!!

The Skov forces are well known for their ingenious use of commercial vehicles for supporting lightening quick attacks or local recon and this vehicle is no different. The Caucas IMZ is the latest lightweight design with high acceleration, great off road capability and fuel efficiency.
Several variants exist and will be available soon

These forces are ideal for militia or insurgency forces.
Rider and bike are separate metal parts
These models belong to the scratch built  ZruneLord collection. More to follow!
Painted by myself and Ralph Plowman (not hard to tell who did which...:) )
Available at

and more to follow!


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bikes will be out very soon

Just to tell that bikes will be out very soon .
Trikes & quads will follow .......

Here are pics of the single seater short bike,  single seater long bike , dual seater bike & weapon trikes .
Some more updates of works in progress - Quad Bike Mk2 & AA or Hmg in limbered or deployed


Friday, February 17, 2017

Bikes,Trikes & Quad update

Hello again all,
Here are some updates.

Quad finished - Added front piece ( bumper, ram or engine block ) + optional front corrugated shield. The steering is by 2 levers, sort of like what one would find on a tank.

Converted 2 tankers to new sitting position.I  will try to convert some to kneeling positions & do some with bare head or beret as these minis are among the best AA have. Just have a real look at their faces & you'll see what I mean. Kudos to the sculptor.

I made loads of GS/Milliput bags, haversack, rucksack etc to have loads of different options & loads of PVC boxes.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Quad Mobile Rail Gun & Rail Gun Limber

Even more wacky goodness ....... Possible because weaponry is becoming even more recoil less ... e.g . A modern day ATGM deliver a hefty punch in a ma portable package.


Quads & Artillery

Even more goodness.
This series is designed for versatility. 
I decided to post WIP pics as we as gamers always enjoy these.

This time an air transportable Quad bike multi purpose vehicle/mover & Artillery/Howitzer.
The BTR wheels are used once again.

The Artillery limber is designed  to be versatile & the built according to the user.
The barrel can be used in 2 ways & the shield is optional.

The green axles can be cut according to choice, resulting in a lower or higher limber & couplings are provided on the front & rear.
An ammo caisson / power generator can also be designed in the near future, if enough people want it.

The Quad mover has a coupling which can be easily fitted to the limber. The trike weapons can also be fitted to the quad. It can also be used to carry Infantry. Lovely.

Please feedback.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Bikes and Trikes........

If you like Bikes and Trikes..........

Youll not go wrong with these! Scratchbuilt by Zrune and cast by my goodself! Actually they were sent to me some time ago and Ive only just got them back to Zrune so he can go forth and multply them.....and by gosh hasnt he just gone and done it!!!!

The principle for the bike was to create a Recon Bike for the SKOV militia. On casting, it became clear it could become so much more, such  as a raiding force. Something wich allowed light forces to attack with a big punch!

 The Original Bike and Rider

 The Dual Bike and Riders

 The Trike and Rider

 The Heavy Weapons Trikes

HMG, Rail gun/RR , Gatling Gun and missiles options! Whats not to love here!

 The Troop Transporter Trike

Quick troop movement!

Please feel free to drop me and Zrune an email or comment on what youd like  see or any other feedback! This is the first post of many :)


Keith and Angelo

Thursday, February 9, 2017